Thursday, August 28, 2014

Everyone Is Different, Why Not Appreciate The Variety

Meeting someone for the first time can sometimes be an experience in and of itself.

If we cared enough to remember those experiences, or even half of the people we come in contact with, we personally would have a more abundant life! Why, Because everyone deserves to have a rememberer! If you are remembered, then you have a friend! And ere'body needs the frannnnns!

That person that you look at and think "they are just so full of....personality." You need their friendship, just as much as they need yours.

Throughout my life I have heard the constant comment that "I'm glad I got to know you. You are a lot different then I first imagined."

Sometimes I want to say to them. "Im sorry that from our 10 minutes of pretentious small talk you jumped to conclusions of my very core character." But alas...I refrain.

I have learned that meeting someone for the first time should yield an interest stored in the banks of your mind, something you later can come back to and remember. Motivating you to strike up another conversation with that person. They could in turn, turnout to be the very thing you needed at the very moment you needed it.

We are not books, the cover, or even the short three minute ostentatious summary off the back, is not enough to truly form a judgement. Besides judgement is only our opinion. (click here to watch a video that takes a twist you would't expect!)

In every story there is Protagonist and a Antagonist. As we read about our favorite protagonists, we do not judge them according to the trials thrown at them. Instead we fall in love with them after following them through their character trying hardships, and seeing them come out victorious.

For example...I would never have dressed up as Harry Potter for Halloween if I read about him turning to Voldomort's side and Avada Cadabra-ing all his friends?!

Since that never happened, and Harry withstood the evil temptations courageously, like any good Gryffindor house member would. I gained my loving opinion of him as I went THROUGH each trial thrown at him.

So as it should be with the people we meet. We should not form judgments of them based off the trials we see them in, but instead gain a loving opinion after going with them THROUGH their trials.

Robert D. Hales said, "Suffering is universal; how we react to suffering is individual."

We can know that just because someone acts differently than you, looks differently than you, sounds differently than you, or even enjoys watching different movie genres, it does not mean they cannot help you through your hard times. They themselves might once have experienced similar suffering.

So pick up the nearest book person and read them! Don't merely look at their personality filled cover and put them on the shelf of "someday reads."

Rememberers wanted. A sign that everyone has hanging in their book store window. A sign that should be really looked at and thought about. Don't fall short with your pseudo attempts at friendship. Really BE a friend.

Audrey Hepburn shared this insight. "Growing up you will find that you where born with two hands. One to help yourself, the other to help others." 

Audrey Hepburn, when stating her significant insight, was speaking about even the weakest of human beings. The perfect among us know growing up we have two hands, BOTH to help others. 

Care to lend our free hand and remember those you meet. Ya'll might just learn we are all seemingly more similar then once thought.

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